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finding the best dentist in pittsburgh

Picking the right dentist is a major decision. You want the best service for yourself and your family so that you can maintain healthy, confident smiles. Thankfully, you can find a lot of hints about the quality of a dental office before you even set foot inside. Here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing a new dentist.

1. Specific dental needs

Are your teeth damaged or worn down? Is biting painful? Do you want to correct a crooked bit? If you already know what services you need, look for a dentist who offers them.

Dr. Pounds has a Level IV Certification in Bioesthetic Dentistry. This means that she can give patients not only a more beautiful smile, but a more functional one as well. With a focus on a stable jaw, a correct upper to lower teeth relationship and proper tooth form, Dr. Pounds takes the entire mouth into consideration as she helps patients move toward a more healthy and pain free smile.

Or maybe you're looking for one of the best cosmetic dentists in Pittsburgh. Dr. Pounds is a proven professional in revitalizing and restoring smiles to give patients the feel and look they desire. Dr. Pounds provides a range of cosmetic dentistry sevices including dental bonding, porcelain veneers, dental implants, invisalign, teeth whitening, botox, and juvaderm.

For those seeking a family dentist, you'll want someone who can meet the needs of your children. Dr. Pounds understands that healthy dental habits care habits start young, and she's eager to teach families and children about how to prepare for their first dental visit and the importance of at home dental care.

In general, Dr. Pounds is a strong proponent of preventive dentistry, teaching patients to start now toward the goal of a more confident and healthy smile. She emphasizes oral hygiene, regular dental cleanings, dental sealants, and periodontal therapy, among other measures, as a means to keep your smile on track. In addition, Dr. Pounds’ expertise in general dentistry ranges from dental fillings and crowns to tooth extraction and root canals. As one of the best dentists in the Pittsburgh area, Dr. Pounds knows that each individual and family has very specific dental needs and goals, and will work with you to meet yours.

Whether your focus is anything from preventive to cosmetic dentistry, be sure that the dentist you choose specializes in what you care about. You are most likely to get the kind of care you want from a dentist who is already experienced in that area.

2. Quality of the website and staff

A dentist’s website is a great starting point for getting a basic overview of the services offered. Many of the best dentists have pages devoted to the process and benefits of their procedures. Not only does this tell you what services your dentist provides, it can also help you to make informed choices about your dental care.

Some dentists, like Dr. Pounds, also provide an online office tour to get patients familiar with their surroundings so they feel comfortable on their first visit. There are usually profiles of the dentist and their staff, detailing their background and qualifications while helping potential patients get to know them better. A good dentist will have good, qualified staff. If the available information isn't enough to go by, call the office to chat with staff about their experience working with the dentist.

3. The dentist's accomplishments and certifications

In the search for a dentist, reviewing their portfolio of work is vital. Like Dr. Pounds website, look for before and after photos that document the end result. This provides valuable insight into a dentist’s skill and education. The website should also provide a biography of the dentist. Look for a focus on their academic background, their certifications, and their ongoing education. Next, take notice of certified dental organizations that they have membership in, specifically the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and the Academy of General Dentistry. These associations signify a dentist’s credibility and network within the dental community, a strong indicator of their professionalism and talent.

4. An office visit

After you've narrowed down your pool of prospective dentists, it's time to visit the ones you're interested in. During an in person discussion, you can see if the personalities of the dentist and staff mesh with yours. When you like your dentist and can communicate clearly with them, you'll be happier with your dental care.

As one of the best dentists in Pittsburgh, Dr. Pounds looks forward to meeting with potential new patients, understanding your needs, and helping you toward a more healthy and confident smile. If you'd like to meet Dr. Pounds or you have any questions about the practice, contact us today.